About Story County Home Inspections

Since 2007, Story County Home Inspections, LLC has been helping Central Iowa home buyers and sellers make informed decisions on the purchase  or sale of their home.  Home inspections are completed to identify deficiencies and detrimental conditions that could cost the homeowner anywhere from pennies to thousands of dollars. We provide a comprehensive inspection report to the customer. Details of the report cover every aspect of the home…from the ground surrounding it to the peak of the roof. Digital photography is utilized to document all potential problems identified in the home inspection and will be included in the client copy of the detailed home inspection report. 

Story County Home Inspections, LLC also performs quality control of new construction, remodels, and renovations.  Whether you are home owner looking for assistance on a roofing project or an owner of multiple properties, we are their to assist you along the way.



Story County Home Inspection, LLC

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Ames, Iowa 50010